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4000 PS4 game PS5 could theoretically be compatible
Date: 2020-04-02
Author: Weihui

    SONY officials through the PlayStation blog updated the article, on the PS5 PS4 compatible was further explained.

    According to the content of the blog, SONY officials believe PS5 can be compatible with more than 4000 PS4 game. And relying on the powerful performance to PS5, those PS4 games can time or the number of frames to be more stable, higher and higher resolution. SONY's team is individually evaluated on the game, to determine how the game is compatible with the need to make adjustments.

    At this week's PS5 conference, chief architect Mark Cerny 100 PS4 will play the most games as a demonstration of downward compatible with work. 100 games but this was not the only PS5 compatible works. SONY officials promised the future will be compatible with thousands of games, and through the blog last update messages.

    Sources: playstation
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