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Dimension reduction blow? Nvidia GeForce 3000 RTX shot and killed in 4 k game PS5 and Xbox
Date: 2021-08-19
Author: Weihui

Forget PS5 and Xbox Series X, RTX 3000 could be the ultimate 4 k game platform. The PS5 and Xbox series X may for 4 k game, but the NVIDIA GeForce 3000 RTX graphics really brings high resolution graphics into the mainstream.

The next generation of Nvidia GPU architecture called Ampere, designed to bring more functions for graphics card table. Familiar with Nvidia graphics architecture next generation, the sources said the upcoming graphics May 4 k resolution as the standard game. Sources revealed details about GA102 GPU, GA102 GPU is likely to be the top of the next generation GeForce graphics, said it would provide the powerful features of the 21 million, and is equipped with 18 GBPS GDDR6 video memory.

GPU will set up 864 gb/s memory bandwidth and enhanced 2.2 GHz clock. We call it GeForce 3080 Ti RTX, to follow the previous GeForces (a very fast graphics card) naming convention.

Given the Xbox Series X has 12 teraflops of performance, and PS5 has the performance of the 10.2 teraflops GeForce 3080 Ti RTX may beat the next-generation consoles in graphics performance. However, the leak is based on "the dead" Moore's law and that is seen is not the final product engineering samples, therefore is worth with it.

Internal sources also pointed out that the GeForce series of 30 Ampere series product function is weak in the graphics card under the accelerated clock speed of 2.5 GHz will still has a strong function. Performance of ascension will be entirely attributed to Nvidia its Ampere architecture migrated to 7 nm process node, make its RDNA with AMD architecture.

At present, the graphics card GeForce RTX 20 series can run 4 k game, but unless you use top GeForce 2080 Ti or RTX 2080 Super RTX, otherwise under the condition of the maximum set and ray tracing, frame rate improves it is difficult to achieve. But based on the powerful features of the Ampere GeForce graphics card should make it a easy to achieve.

In fact, the next generation GeForce GPU functions may be lower at 1440 p and 1080 p resolution run game become meaningless, because the performance of the graphics card is too big for this resolution. Therefore, 4 k games may become the standard of 30 series graphics card GeForce RTX.

All this means that if you really want to see of the upcoming games, such as "cyberpunk" 2077 ", then based on the Ampere equipped GeForce GPU PC may be alternative PS5 or Xbox Series X. This function becomes cheaper, because the current GeForce RTX CARDS already and PS4 Pro or Xbox One X as expensive.

Sources: the name of machinery

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