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Legal channels Switch shipments broken millions of Renaissance console market?
Date: 2021-08-19
Author: Weihui

Legal channels Switch shipments broken millions of Renaissance console market?


According to Reuters, tencent holdings co., LTD., said on Monday, since the end of 2019 to launch legal channels Switch after the game, domestic shipments have reached 1 million units. Thanks to this, maybe we will have the opportunity to see more foreign host console manufacturers launched legal channels version.

Consultancy Niko Partners, according to the legal channels Switch sales, have caused more than SONY and Microsoft, nintendo become the nation's largest distributors. One million shipments, even than the same period the PS4 and Microsoft Xbox one X higher than the sum of total sales.

Although legal channels Switch in 19 years after the release, don't be valued by the public, but the big adventure of fitness ring during the outbreak of a pandemic, make legal channels Switch became many people into the circle of choice, even once to break the circle on the microblogging hot search. Given the legal channels the success of the Switch, consultancy, Niko Partners forecasts domestic game market scale will reach $2.15 billion in 2024.

Had a ban on paper, opens the Chinese game market dark period of ten years. Then gray, more let "legal channels game" has become a pain in the minds of many. Legal channels Switch on sales success can be replicated? Or, as players, we can buy other legal channels game products? The market will give us the answer.

Information source:zhongguancun online
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